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Assistant Regional Scenic River Manager, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Assists Natural Resources Administrator in development of scenic river program goals and objectives; drafts and develops program management plans and scenic river corridor management plans, goals and objectives; prepares facility development recommendations for scenic river lands; plans and conducts river protection projects and stream quality monitoring; performs environmental impact reviews; completes project reviews to facilitate approval in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 1547.82; serves as local liaison with H2Ohio Project staff to facilitate the implementation of wetland, river and stream restoration projects in the Northwest Ohio scenic rivers region; monitors regional expenditures; develops draft regional budget; supervises scenic river staff; develops and conducts training (i.e., scenic river regulations & environmental impacts); provides recommendations, upon request, to riverfront property owners regarding stream bank stabilization, erosion control and riverfront property management and conservation techniques; maintains advisory councils in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 1547.84 (e.g., membership/appointments, regular meetings, information to council regarding scenic river interests and projects).

Responds to verbal and/or written requests for information; serves as local regional contact for river issues with outside agencies (i.e., Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, County Engineers, Township Trustees, Road Departments, Sewer District & Public Utilities) regarding regulatory requirements; travels to and conducts onsite visits throughout Northwest Ohio and makes written recommendations to protect environmental quality (i.e., performs field surveys and site investigations, conducts sampling for macroinvertebrates at all reference sites); inputs statewide ecological monitoring data and assessment/survey forms into scenic river database; evaluates stream quality data to determine significant communities and species data; drafts reports regarding findings of stream quality monitoring research data; monitor conservation easements (e.g., keep contact with land owner, conduct annual inspections, ensure compliance with conservation easement); coordinates stream quality monitoring educational workshops on regional scenic rivers; coordinates special events; prepares and presents power point presentations regarding scenic rivers research data; conducts educational programming (e.g., biodiversity education and promote paddle sports on state wild, scenic & recreational rivers); represents scenic river program at regional, district and/or state-wide meetings; attends meetings of advisory councils, staff, local officials & landowners.

Compiles weekly, quarterly, monthly and annual divisional reports; marks boundaries of scenic river lands and conservation easements; manage scenic river lands (e.g., pick up trash, cut fallen trees from trails, keep trails clear, maintain signage, maintain parking areas, control invasive species, monitor possible encroachments).

  • Job Type: Staff
  • Application deadline: 03/15/2023
  • Organization: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Qualifications: Completion of undergraduate core program in natural resources, biology, zoology, agronomy, horticulture or related field; 12 mos. trg. or 12 mos. exp. in supervisory principles & techniques. -Or 12 mos. exp. as Scenic River Coordinator, 22862. -Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above. Knowledge of Sections 401, 404 & 1517 or revised code regarding scenic river rules & regulations*; scenic river division policies & procedures*; employee training & development; supervisory principles & techniques; public relations; speech &/or oral communication; natural resources; biology; zoology; FEMA (i.e., flood plain regulations). Skill in operation of chainsaw & hand power tools*; personal computer; keyboard. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts & draw valid conclusions; maintain accurate records; prepare meaningful, concise & accurate reports; handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with general public & landowners; prepare & deliver speeches &/or seminars, training session, presentations to general public &/or landowners; establish friendly atmosphere as assistant regional manager. (*) Developed after employment.
  • How to apply: Visit state job website (
  • Location: Findlay, OH
  • Web address:

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