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Assistant Research Scientist – Oyster Research, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Chesapeake Bay is home to thriving commercial fishing and aquaculture industries and one of the
largest oyster restoration efforts in North America. The lack of fresh shell substrate has become a major impediment to all of these activities and alternatives are being considered for large-scale use in restoration and industry efforts. The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) is seeking applications to fill an Assistant Research Scientist (postdoctoral researcher) position in oyster ecology and management. Funding for this position is provided in response to a legislatively mandated research program (SB830,
In this legislation, UMCES is specifically tasked with evaluating:

  1. the types of substrate, including fresh shell, fossilized shell, combinations of shell, and alternative substrates, that are most appropriate for use in oyster harvest areas;
  2. the benefits, including habitat–related benefits, of using stones of various sizes in oyster restoration areas;
  3. alternative substrates used for oyster restoration or repletion in other regions, including the success of efforts to use alternative substrates;
  4. the potential for retrofitting existing structures, such as riprap revetments, that are unrelated to oyster restoration but that use materials similar to artificial reefs, to include oyster plantings,
  5. the effect of spat size upon deployment on oyster abundance.

Based at the Horn Point Laboratory, and mentored by Drs. Matt Gray and Elizabeth North, the successful candidate will take a leadership role in synthesis and experimental research, stakeholder engagement, workshop organization, and report preparation related to this program. It is anticipated that the candidate will interact with fisheries managers and legislative staff in addition to research duties.

  • Job Type: Faculty
  • Qualifications: We are seeking well-qualified candidates with experience in elements of oyster settlement, growth, ecosystem services, commercial fisheries, and hatchery production. A Ph.D. is required at the beginning of the period of employment.
  • How to apply: Apply at website
  • Location: Cambridge, MD
  • Web address:

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Matthew Gray

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