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Call for Abstracts, Advancing Earth and Space Science (AGU) Ocean Sciences Meeting

Democratizing Ocean Observation via Cost-Effective Fishing Vessel-Based Integrated and Other Approaches to Ocean Data Collection

Given the rapid pace of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and coastal stakeholders, managing marine resources sustainably is becoming a dynamic process. Robust sources of ocean information alongside accurate operational modeling and decision support systems are essential for managing blue economic growth and the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. While modern observing systems capture a wealth of information, the subsurface and coastal regions remain challenging data gaps. The spatiotemporal extent of these data gaps overlap with fishing activities in the shelf regions, as well as other maritime industries and potential citizen scientists. Collaboration with maritime industries and stakeholders can serve as cost-effective platforms of opportunity that can deploy an assortment of oceanographic instrumentations; and, the fact that many fishing gear types already profile through the water column presents a unique subsurface data collection opportunity.

This session invites abstract submissions that showcase fishing vessel-based and other collaborative observations and their use and uptake. Additionally, we welcome submissions that address technological innovations in sensor development, data management solutions, end-to-end systems, as well as key gaps and future needs to support emerging climate solutions and sustainability of our ocean by democratizing ocean observation.

The Advancing Earth and Space Science (AGU) Ocean Sciences Meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA on February 18-23, 2024.

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Hassan Moustahfid

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