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Fisheries Technician, Michigan State University

Description: Incumbent will be a Michigan State University employee but the duty location for the position will be the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Lake Erie Biological Station. Incumbent will work with USGS biologists and technicians to deploy, retrieve, and maintain acoustic telemetry receivers in Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, St. Clair River, and Lake Erie tributaries for Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System projects, including projects focused on grass carp or species that may serve as surrogates for grass carp.

Incumbent will lead/assist in conducting range and/or drift studies for determining detection distances for receivers and positioning accuracy of VPS arrays. Incumbent will also assist USGS biologists and technicians in the collection of biological data and samples while onboard large research vessels using trawls, gill nets, plankton nets, water quality measurement devices, and hydroacoustic sampling gears. As needed, incumbent will collect biological data and samples at sampling tributaries in Lake Erie, perform field work sampling at small wadable stream in remote areas using backpack electrofishing equipment, and perform laboratory analysis of biological samples for taxonomic identification, fish stomach content, age estimation, benthic sample, and stable isotope sample.

The incumbent will participate as a crewmember on USGS large research vessels. In accordance with USGS Large Vessel Safety Program policies (SM-445-2-H, Chapter 49), the incumbent will be required to: 1) pass a pre-employment medical evaluation and 2) be enrolled in a random drug testing program.

Field work on large research vessels is conducted in all weather conditions; therefore, the incumbent must not be prone to debilitating sea sickness. Laboratory work is generally performed indoors seated in front of a microscope or computer.

Overnight travel for field work will occur approximately 1 week per month. The incumbent must have a valid current U.S. passport, and must not be under any restrictions for travel to Canada.

  • Job Type: Field technician
  • Organization: Michigan State University - College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Qualifications: Qualifications: Required skills include a general knowledge of processes, methods, and procedures of fisheries and aquatic sciences. Incumbent should have knowledge of computer spreadsheet operations and entry-level statistical computations in R, or a similar computer program. Incumbent should also have knowledge of light microscopy to examine biological organisms. 9 months field party experience OR 3 years sub-professional experience OR 3 years college study related to biology plus 3 months lab or field work experience. Satisfactory completion of a field course in biology may be substituted for the 3 months of field and/or laboratory experience.
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