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Post-Doc in Abundance Estimation by Close-kin Markrecapture, National Institute for Ocean Science

The National Institute for Ocean Science (IFREMER) is an integrated marine sciences research institute,

which contributes to national research and innovation, as well as to the European research landscape. As

such, IFREMER produces:

  • basic knowledge using a systemic approach that aims to better comprehend the processes that
  • govern ecosystems and understand the changes that affect them;
  • targeted research results to provide answers to society’s questions based on its capacity for
  • observation, monitoring, and assessment.

IFREMER dedicates its efforts to high-quality research founded on diverse disciplines and topics by
drawing on its partnerships with universities and research institutes. It is also the driving force on the
international and European levels behind joint programming initiatives, targeting research or
infrastructures (fleets, observatories, databases).

Organizational Unit:

The joint research unit (UMR) “Dynamics and Sustainability of Ecosystems: from the Source to the
Ocean” (DECOD) brings together researchers, engineers and technicians from Ifremer, INRAe and Institut
Agro Rennes-Angers and has laboratories in Brest, Lorient, Nantes and Rennes. The activities of DECOD
focus on the analysis of ecological and evolutionary processes at work in aquatic environments and their
interfaces, from the source to the ocean, on the assessment of the state of ecosystems, and on the
construction of scenarios for these ecosystems. To address these issues, the Laboratory Ecology and
Models for Fisheries Science (EMH) acquires knowledge on marine ecosystems and human activities and
applies a variety of modelling and empirical quantitative approaches to inform the ecosystem approach
to fisheries management.

Job Description:
Stock assessments providing abundance estimates for exploited species are an important component of
sustainable fisheries management. Benefiting from recent genetic advances, a new abundance
estimation method has become available, referred to as close-kin mark-recapture (CKMR). In the context
of the ACOST project (Improvement of knowledge on Bay of Biscay stocks of pollack, meagre, whiting
and surmullet) funded by France Filière Pêche, the postdoctoral researcher will apply the CKMR approach
to meagre using data for 5000 genotyped adults and juveniles.

General areas of responsibility:
Applying the close-kin mark-recapture abundance estimation method to meagre in the Bay of Biscay
using simulations and empirical biological and genetic data.

Job Title: Post-doctoral position in abundance estimation by close-kin markrecapture

Department: UMR DECOD

Duty station: Ifremer Nantes

Starting date on the job: From January 2024

Principal activities:

  • Carry out a simulation study in preparation for applying close-kin mark-recapture to meagre in the Bay of Biscay using the R packages CKMRpop et CKMRsim
  • Prepare the genotype data (SNP) for meagre using quality control criteria
  • Identify related individuals using the R package kinference and/or Colony
  • Compile biological information and develop abundance estimation models for parameter
  • estimation with the R package TMB based on pairs of related individuals (parent-offspring pairs,
  • half-sibling pairs, full sibling pairs
  • Contribute to the reporting of the ACOST project, draft publication(s) and present results
  • Job Type: Post-doc
  • Organization: Unité mixte de recherche (UMR) National Institute for Ocean Science (IFREMER)
  • Qualifications: Required education and experience PhD in fisheries science, quantitative ecology or applied statistics Required knowledge, skills and characteristics  Knowledge, skills and abilities - Statistical modelling applied to ecology - Population dynamiques - English (oral, written) - Writing skills (manuscripts, reports) - Programming (e.g. R)  Human qualities - Autonomy, rigor, curiosity - Team work
  • How to apply: Contact Verena Trenkel
  • Location: Nantes, France

Contact Information

Verena Trenkel

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