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Postdoctoral Fellow, Texas State University

The Huertas Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to assess the use of nitric oxide in fish olfaction. The project aims to better understand how nitric oxide molecules contribute to key functional properties of circuits in the olfactory system both in the sensory epithelia and more centrally in the fish brain, with the long-term goal of using functional molecular approaches to better understand how sensory information can be integrated in brain under hypoxia conditions.
Postdocs in the Huertas lab will gain solid experience in multiple aspects of scientific research including experimental design and execution, assay optimization and validation, data collection, project management, mentoring, manuscript and project writing and scientific presentation. The employees will perform in situ hybridization, transcriptomic analysis, electrophysiology, behavioral test, animal care, tissue collection, immunohistological assays, confocal imaging, and/or other tasks based on the assignment by the PI or the candidate’s interest or expertise.
The deadline for this application is August 1st. This position is anticipated to start in September 2023 and will last for a period of 2 years.

  • Job Type: Post-doc
  • Application deadline: 08/01/2023
  • Organization: Huertas Lab - Texas State University
  • Qualifications: Successful candidates will have significant experience in histology (e.g. in situ hybridization, immune histochemistry and use of confocal microscopes) and/or molecular biology techniques (e.g., -omics, RT-PCR, and fluency in analyzing complex datasets); previous experience with either electrophysiology, CRISPR, experience with spatial mapping of protein composition and tissue organization and experience in working with laboratory animals including tissue dissection and process is a plus but not a requirement. For an example of projects carried out by the Huertas lab please check the Huertas lab website ( ) and Ortiz et al. (2022) Microb Ecol., Kraus et al. (2021) Brain Behav Immun 102, 341-359 and Sephahi et al. (2019) PNAS 116, 12428-12436. Ideal candidates will be creative, and able to work with others on collaborative projects in a highly interactive environment. Proper documentation of identity and eligibility for employment will be required before the hiring process can be completed.
  • How to apply: Applicants should contact Dr. Mar Huertas at Please include a cover letter describing past work and future interests, a list of references, and a CV.
  • Location: San Marcos, TX

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