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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Aquaculture Economics

The focus of this project will be to understand and quantify economic risks faced by U.S.
aquaculture businesses and to identify effective risk management strategies for various sectors.
Specific objectives of the project include development of risk models for several U.S.
aquaculture sectors along with identifying risk factors and potential effective risk management
solutions for these sectors. Additionally, the post-doctoral fellow will have the opportunity to
work with several aquaculture production and marketing related projects under the lead PI.
About RWFM
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Duties and Responsibilities
The successful candidate will perform research duties assigned by the economist leading the
project. The candidate will be responsible for working on enterprise budgets and running risk
analysis models using risk analysis software like Crystal Ball and Simetar. The duties also
include entering the primary farm data into excel spreadsheets, polishing the data for analysis
and developing peer-reviewed manuscripts.

  • Job Type: Post-doc
  • Organization: Texas A&M Agrilife Research - Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management (RWFM)
  • Qualifications: Advanced data analytic skills in MATLAB, STATA, GAMS, SAS, or R will be preferred. A doctoral degree in aquaculture/agriculture/applied economics is preferred. The candidate should possess a good statistical background and must be willing to quickly learn and use new quantitative tools. Candidate should have legal work authorization in the U.S. The successful candidate should be reliable and enjoy working with farm data. She/he should have a keen interest in learning the scientific approach to stakeholder problems. The researcher must be able to develop effective working relationships with fellow scientists, research staff, students, and administrative staff at the department. The applicant who has an interest or has demonstrated a productive research and publication record will be given preference.
  • How to apply: Contact Dr. Shraddha Hegde
  • Location: College Station, TX

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Shraddha Hegde

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