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Supervisory Natural Resource Management Specialist/Supervisory Fish Biologist, NOAA

$136,908 – $183,500 per year

As a Supervisory Fish Biologist/Supervisory Natural Resource Management Specialist, you will perform the following duties:

  • Plan and execute at-sea observation and tasks, the collection and development of fisheries data, and the recovery and conservation of protected species. Apply the principles of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, Endangered Species Act, and/or Marine Mammal Protection Act.
  • Plan and distribute work, set and adjust schedules, evaluate performance, provide advice and council, and interview candidates for subordinate positions.
  • Identify training needs, provide guidance and assistance in resolving complaints and conflicts between projects or functional areas. Provide guidance on corrective action to meet project needs. Promote, develop and encourage leadership in others through coaching, mentoring and training.
  • Collaborate with regional and national partners, scientists, outside agencies, private businesses, the public and fishing industry. Prepare and present oral and written briefs, plans, and reports on problems and resolutions.
  • Job Type: Staff
  • Application deadline: 10/31/2023
  • Organization: NOAA
  • Qualifications: Requirements Conditions of Employment This position will be filled under the DOC Alternative Personnel Systems (CAPS). This system replace the Federal GS pay plan and structure. Under CAPS, positions are classified by career, pay plan, and pay band. The ZP-5 is equivalent to the GS-15. Key Requirements: Applicants must be U.S. Citizens. Suitable for Federal employment, as determined by background investigation. Selectee may be subject to serve a one-year supervisory probationary period. More requirements are listed under Qualifications and Other Information. Must be registered for Selective Service, if applicable ( This position is not in the bargaining unit. Relocation Incentive may be authorized. Recruitment Incentive may be authorized. A background investigation will be required for this position. Continued employment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a background security investigation and favorable adjudication. Failure to successfully meet these requirements will be grounds for termination. Throughout the recruitment and hiring process we will be communicating with you via email; therefore, it is imperative that the email address you provide when applying for this vacancy remains active. Should your email address change, please notify the point of contact identified in the vacancy announcement as soon as possible so that we can update our system. Salary Milford, CT - $160,013 - $183,500 Woods Hole, MA - $154,007 - $183,500 Orono, ME - $136,908 - $177,978* Sandy Hook, NJ - $160,013 - $183,500 Narragansett, RI - $154,007 - $183,500 *The salary for selectee's pay may be set at any point within the pay band except for intervals 4 and 5 ($177,979 - $183,500) which is reserved for supervisory performance or for current supervisors within CAPS who already have a salary within intervals 4 and 5. Qualifications Qualification requirements in the vacancy announcements are based on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standards Handbook, which contains federal qualification standards. This handbook is available on the Office of Personnel Management's website located at: BASIC REQUIREMENTS: This position has a positive Education Requirement in addition to at least one year of Specialized Experience OR substitution of education for experience OR combination (if applicable) in order to be found minimally qualified. Transcripts must be submitted with your application package. You MUST meet the following requirements: Basic Requirements 0401 1. Degree: biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines appropriate to the position. OR 2. Combination of education and experience: Courses equivalent to a major, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. Basic Requirements 0482 (non-research positions) 1. Degree: major in biological science that included: At least 6 semester hours in aquatic subjects such as limnology, ichthyology, fishery biology, aquatic botany, aquatic fauna, oceanography, fish culture, or related courses in the field of fishery biology; and At least 12 semester hours in the animal sciences in such subjects as general zoology, vertebrate zoology, comparative anatomy, physiology, entomology, parasitology, ecology, cellular biology, genetics, or research in these fields. (Excess course work in aquatic subjects may be used to meet this requirement when appropriate.) OR 2. Combination of education and experience: courses equivalent to a major in biological science (i.e., at least 30 semester hours), of which a minimum of 6 semester hours were in aquatic subjects and 12 semester hours were in the animal sciences, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. AND SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Applicants must possess one year of specialized experience equivalent in difficulty and responsibility to the next lower grade level in the Federal Service. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped the applicant with the particular competencies/knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. This experience need not have been in the federal government. Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations e.g., professional; philanthropic, religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies; knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. To qualify at the ZP-05 level: SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Applicants must possess one full year (52 weeks) of specialized experience equivalent to the ZP-04 level or GS-14 equivalent in the Federal service. Specialized experience MUST include all of the following: Leading projects or teams, including assigning work, setting priorities, and providing feedback on work assignments; Planning, prioritizing, and executing biological, economic or social analysis to support fisheries management or marine resource assessments; Communicating scientific findings to stakeholders through briefings, reports, or presentations.
  • How to apply: Visit website:
  • Location: Milford, CT; Orono, ME; Woods Hole, MA; Highlands, NJ; Narragansett, RI
  • Web address:

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