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LEARN was founded to facilitate collaborative aquatic research across the state of Ohio. By highlighting current research interests and activities within the network, we aim to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research among members. In raising awareness of current research, we can coordinate our efforts to target urgent areas of concern.

Through our website and LEARN events, LEARN fosters opportunities to connect research project identification and outcomes to inform policy. By communicating important research findings within LEARN, we can both identify new areas of concern and directly communicate implications for policy to both managers and policy makers. 

Our member directory is searchable by research topic and resources  to facilitate identifying members with similar research interests. The aim of the resources tab within the directory and the research calendar is to improve accessibility of available resources at institutions around Lake Erie, including but not limited to vessels, laboratory facilities, housing, and both analytical and field equipment.

The collaborative wetland monitoring project between LEARN and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources exemplifies the type of cross-institutional, interdisciplinary research to directly inform policy decisions that LEARNS aims to cultivate.

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